June 2007 Photographs

Returning missionaries Elder Bitting, Sister Janes, and Elder Tavernini.
Abbotsford Zone, Elder Ramirez in poncho.
Elder and Sister Crawford upon arrival.
Elder and Sister Crawford with the Middletons.
Elder Bitting at the farewell dinner.
Elder Bitting with the Middletons.
Elder Curtis on arriving at the mission.
Elder Curtis with the Middletons.
Elder Tavernini and Sister Janes sit in President Anderson's Smart Car.
Elder Tavernini at the farewell dinner.
Elder Tavernini with the Middletons.
Elder White comes to the mission.
Elder White on arriving in the mission.
Elder White with the Middletons on arrival.
Elders Johnson and Wilhite give Zone Leader training.
Kitchen Angels in Abbotsford.
Missionaries sing to the Vancouver Kitchen Angels.
New convert Dustin Hiles, a professional opera singer.
Opera singer convert Dustin Hiles of mission ward.
Preparation Day, Nanaimo Zone.
President Middleton by wood carving from First Nations.
President Middleton sits in President Anderson's Smart Car.
President Middleton in front of totem pole and recreated First Nation home.
Returning missionaries with assistants Anderson and Pugs.
Returning missionaries with the Middletons.
Singing to the Kitchen Angels in Abbotsford.
Singing to the Kitchen Angels.
Sister Janes at farewell dinner at the mission home.
Sisters Ioannidis and Davison, Kitchen Angels.
Sister Janes with the Middletons.
Surrey Language Zone.
Surrey Zone.
Vancouver English Zone.
Vancouver Kitchen Angels.
Vancouver Zone.

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