2006 Scenic Photographs

Base of Shannon Falls, February 2006.
Beside a wintery road in Prince George, February 2006.
Frost on the pines, Prince George, February 2006.
Horseshoe Bay and mountains from the air, February 2006.
Mossy trees attest to lots of rain, February 2006.
Mountains just north of Vancouver, February 2006.
Mountains on the way to Prince George from the air, February 2006.
Mt. Baker from Abbotsford, February 2006.
New tree growing out of stump near Shannon Falls, February 2006.
Prince George beauty in winter, February 2006.
Prince George winter scene, February 2006.
Prince George, February 2006.
Shannon Falls, February 2006.
Tugboat and load in Nanaimo, February 2006.
Vancouver from the air, February 2006.
Vancouver from Tower Restaurant, February 2006.
Vancouver skyline from Tower Restaurant, February 2006.
Victoria Museum showing John Lennon's Yellow Submarine, February 2006.
View from road from Victoria to Nanaimo, February 2006.
Tugboat off Garry Point, January 2006.
Sunset as seen from the ferry to Victoria.
Tour boat in Granville.
A ferry on its way to Victoria.
Sunset as seen from the ferry to Victoria.
Tour boat in Vancouver Bay.
Peace Arch at the border.
A sunset seen from the ferry to Victoria.
Sunset as seen from the ferry to Victoria.
Vancouver Bay.
Vancouver skyline.
A tiny boat near Victoria.
Earl's Restaurant at Whistler - July 2006.
Mountain bikers at Whistler - July 2006.
Sunset from Douglas Peak near Victoria - July 2006.
Vanderhoof chapel.
Butchart Gardens.
On the road to Prince George.
100 Mile House chapel.
Beautiful Butchart Gardens.
Beautiful flowers at Butchart Gardens.
Between Cache Creek and Lillooet.
Butchart Gardens flowers.
Flowers at Butchart gardens.
Butchart Gardens.
Cattle near Vanderhoof.
Chapel at 100 Mile House.
Countryside south of Quesnel.
A cruise ship lands in Victoria.
Pine trees between Prince George and Vanderhoof.
A dock at Butchart Gardens.
Duke Pt. sunset.
Farm and red pines near Vanderhoof.
Farm between Vernon and Kamloops.
Farm near Vanderhoof.
A farm south of Prince George.
A farm south of Vanderhoof.
Ferry at Nanaimo, twilight.
Ferry at Nanaimo.
Ferry at Duke Pt. Nanaimo.
Floating bloom, Butchart Gardens.
Flower bed at Butchart Gardens.
Flowers at Butchart Gardens.
Forest near Vanderhoof.
Forest on the road to Vanderhoof.
Fountain across for Parliament in Victoria.
Fraser River on the road to Prince George.
Greeting at the outskirts of Quesnel.
Hay on a farm south of Vanderhoof.
Lake near Vanderhoof.
A lake on the road to Lillooet.
A lake south of Vanderhoof.
Loaded logging truck, Prince George.
Logging yard in Prince George
Flowers at Butchart Gardens.
Near Lillooet.
Park and bird refuge, Vanderhoof.
A park in Vanderhoof.
Pink roses at Butchart Gardens.
A plane lands in Victoria Harbor.
A pond in a park in Vanderhoof.
Quesnel chapel.
Roadside between Cache Creek and Lillooet.
Roses at Butchart Gardens.
Silver Star ski resort near Vernon.
Siver Star village near Vernon.
Sunset at Duke Pt.
Sunset near Vanderhoof.
Sunset on the road near Vanderhoof.
Butchart Gardens.
The road from Lillooet to Hope.
Butchart Gardens.
Train trestle leading to Lillooet.
Vanderhoof chapel.
Vanderhoof town welcome, in flowers.
View from the road to Lillooet.
View from the road to Hope.
A walkway at Butchart Gardens.
Whale fins, Victoria harbor.
White flowers at Butchart Gardens.
Yellow flowers at Butchart Gardens.
Hay rolled on a farm near Vanderhoof.
A boy on a ferry displays an Orca's tooth.
A cruise ship in Vancouver.
A ferry docking at Tswassen.
Flowers at government house in Victoria.
Lake Okanagan from a balcony.
Lake Okanagan from a balcony.
Mt. Baker in the distance as seen from a ferry near Victoria.
Mt. Baker as seen from near Nanaimo.
Mt. Baker seen from Swarts Bay.
A small ferry with Mt. Baker in the background.
Ferry boat.
Ferry passengers sit in the sun.
Welcome to Vancouver in flowers.
The Westbank chapel under construction.
Workers clean the Portland temple spire.
The Skeena River.
Between Terrace and Prince Rupert.
Bicyclists at Whistler.
Bicyclists at Whistler.
Cameron Lake on the way to Port Alberni.
Clouds near Prince Rupert.
Fall colors along Georgia Street in Vancouver.
Fall colors in Terrace.
Ferry at Horseshoe Bay.
Fogbank over the sea at Horseshoe Bay.
Freighter from Stanley Park.
Freighter in Prince Rupert.
Freighter in Prince Rupert.
A lake near Prince Rupert.
LDS church metioned on a sign outside of Prince Rupert.
Looking south on the road to Prince Rupert.
Moss covered rock surface near Terrace.
Mountains near Terrace.
Mountains overlook Skeena River.
A distant Mt. Baker.
Art on a bear near Terrace.
Near Horseshoe Bay.
Near Langely.
On the road to Whistler.
Painted bear in Terrace.
Prince Rupert Bay.
Qualicum Bay at sunrise, by Elder and Sister Hall.
A waterfall over the railroad on the way to Prince Rupert.
A moss covered, rocky cliff near Prince Rupert.
Seaguls hover over a ferry.
A single-lane bridge in Terrace.
Skeena River near Prince Rupert.
Skeena River near Prince Rupert.
Squamish Branch chapel.
Squamish Chapel.
Strathcona National Park.
Tantalus Mountain on the road to Whistler.
The bay near Horseshoe Bay.
The road to Prince George.
The view from 0 Avenue near Abbotsford.
The view from Terrace.
A view from the highway near Terrace.
View from the road near Prince Rupert.
A scenic spot near Terrace.
View on entering Prince Rupert.
The view on the way to Prince Rupert.
A whale statue overlooking Prince George.
Whistler Village.
A waterfall near Prince Rupert.
Burnaby Ward at Sunset.
The mission home following a snow storm.
The back yard of the mission home following a snows storm.
The moon at sunset, as seen from the Burnaby Ward chapel.
Sunset at the Burnaby Ward.
Abbotsford Stake Creche.
Carolers left at Butchart Gardens.

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