2008 Scenic Photographs

An Air Canada "Bombardier" lands in Vancouver at sunset, the plane used often by missionaries to transfer in BC.
A new addition to the BC Ferry fleet with a painting of a curler on the side
Another photo of an Air Canada "Bombardier" landing.
Island near Horseshoe Bay.
Butchart Garden flowers in Spring.
Butchart Gardens Spring flowers.
Butchart Gardens scene.
Scene in Butchart Gardens.
Butchart Gardens in Spring.
Butchart tree blossoms in Spring.
Duck at Ladner bird refuge.
Duck landing at Ladner bird refuge.
Floating village near Ladner.
Spring blooms in the Butchart Gardens.
Grouse Mountain ski slopes, seen from Burnaby in Spring.
Huge hockey stick beside building in Duncan.
Machine which strips limbs from trees in BC lumber camps.
New BC Ferry in Nanaimo, curler painted on side.
View on new ferry, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay.
Plaque at Ladner bird refuge.
Butchart Gardens Spring flowers.
Tug pushing a barge in Nanaimo.
View of Horseshoe Bay ferry landing site from the ferry.
Beach at Point Roberts.
Huge freighter in Strait of Georgia.
Point Roberts harbor.
The Peace Arch in January.
Lion's Head peak above Cypress ski resort, from helicopter in June.
Cruise ship leaving Vancouver.
Helicopter view of the Vancouver cruise terminal with ship in port.
Cruise ships in Vancouver.
Ferry leaving Langdale, near Sechelt.
May 2008-Fraser River near Cache Creek, snowbank still persisting.
May 2008-helicopter view of frozen lake above the Sea-to-Sky highway.
Gold Rush Trail roadside sign in Cache Creek.
Granville Island, helicopter view.
Helicopter view of peaks above Cypress ski resort, May 2008.
Highway One along the Fraser River.
Island in the Strait of Georgia.
Island near Horseshoe Bay.
Helicopter view of one of the Lion's Head peaks, May 2008.
Log bundles on the Fraser River.
Helicopter view of the Mission Home, left of the pink walled home.
Mission Office with Spring flowers.
Olympic Speed Skating rink being built in Richmond.
Lifeboat launch drill from ferry on the way to Sechelt.
May 2008-Sea-to-Sky highway, from the air
May 2008-ski slopes at Cypress ski resort, from the air.
Fraser River gorge seen from highway, south of Cache Creek
Spectacular view along the Fraser River gorge.
Spring flowers in Richmond.
Stanley Park from the air, Vancouver in the foreground.
Steamclock in Gastown.
Train beside Highway One, north of Hope.
Train beside the Stanley River, south of Cache Creek.
May 2008-Stanley Park and Vancouver from the air helicopter view.
May 2008-Vancouver from the air.
May 2008-Vancouver from the air, Stanley Park to the left.
May 2008-Vancouver from the air, Stanley Park to the left.
May 2008-Lion Peak from helicopter, Vancouver in the background.
May 2008-view of train beside the Fraser River.
May 3, 2008-frozen Lac la Hache, north of 100 Mile House, frozen shore to shore.
May 3, 2008-Lac la Hache, frozen shore to shore, north of 100 Mile House.
Approaching Horseshoe Bay
Bay at Tofino
Beautiful flowers at Victoria Stake Center
Bicyclers on sand by the surf at Tofino beach
Butchart Gardens
Decoration at Richmond Lantern Festival
Dragon at Steveston and No. 5 Road, Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival, dragon display
Driftwood on beach at Tofino
Float plane dock at Tofino
Float plane takes off in Victoria
Flowers in Butchart Gardens
Fraser Canyon view
Scene from the road to Tofino
Historic Site monument, Butchart Gardens
Huge waves at beautiful Tofino beach
Island off Tofino
Ferry landing at Horseshoe Bay
Richmond Lantern Festival
Leaving Nanaimo on the ferry
Merritt Chapel under construction
Another view of the Merritt Chapel under construction
Richmond Lantern Festival
View on the new Coastal Renaissance BC ferry
Panther, made of flowers in Butchart Gardens
Parliament from the air
Prince George chapel at sunset
Butchart Gardens entry
Dragon at the Lantern Festival
Sunset at Prince George
Sunset from the ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay
Sunset, Prince George chapel in the foreground
Beautiful flowers at Butchart Gardens
View on the road to Tofino
Tofino Beach, offshore island in the background
Tofino Beach scene
Tsunami warning in Tofino
Vistoria harbor seen from float plane about to land
View from the Fraser Canyon road
Beautiful scene on the road to Tofino
An island in the distance, off Tofino beach

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