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This message was written by President and Sister Middleton.  It also appears in the Vancouver Star, the weekly newsletter of the Vancouver Mission.  It is sent to each companionship throughout the mission.

Canada Vancouver Mission Newsletter                                                                                                                April 15, 2008

Members Are The Finders--Full-Time Missionaries Are The Teachers


                We are all basking in the afterglow of the wonderful General Conference we just witnessed. Each of us had the opportunity to take part in the Solemn Assembly, wherever we were, as we witnessed Conference proceedings. We each stood when asked and raised our hand in support of our new living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. Gratefully we heard the inspiring words of our new prophet, and the uplifting counsel of his Counselors and the other General Authorities who spoke.


Elder Bednar Calls for a New Focus on Member Missionary Work

                The Sunday afternoon address by Elder David A. Bednar called very boldly for Church members to become effective member missionaries. Unambiguously he summarized beautifully how Preach My Gospel calls upon full-time missionaries and all members to reorganize our  proselyting outreach to the world’s citizens when he stated that, “ultimately it is my responsibility and your responsibility to find people for the missionaries to teach.  Missionaries are full-time teachers; you and I are full-time finders.  And you and I as lifelong missionaries should not be praying for the full time missionaries to do our work!”  His injunction was completely consistent with the simple missionary plans which inspired member leaders here in BC have developed, which call for each member to invite a non-member acquaintance regularly and often. We look forward to the day when every member is inviting regularly, as the number of new investigators thereby developed in each ward and branch will allow us to petition the Church Missionary Committee to give us more missionaries in BC to handle the teaching load!  We envision that day coming in the not too distant future!


Elder Neuenschwander’s Conference Address Inspires

                Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander’s Sunday afternoon Conference address was wonderful. We  are still inspired by the counsel and uplift he gave us on his recent mission tour, and his Conference talk focusing on the woman who fought through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and thereby be healed was wonderful. That event was then brought home to each of us as Elder Neuenschwander challenged us to fight through the beckoning crowds in the “great and spacious building” that we too might find Christ.

                On a fun side-note, during Elder Neuenschwander’s mission tour he had a discussion with one of our Assistants, Elder Carlton Taylor,

about ties. After good-natured banter, Elder Taylor gave Elder Neuenschwander 3 of his ties and asked if he might wear one during Conference. To Elder Taylor’s delight, Elder Neuenschwander wore Elder Taylor’s blue tie as he spoke at Conference. We shared subsequently in an e-mail to Elder Neueuschwander that his wearing of Elder Taylor’s tie has assured that his already memorable BC mission tour will become a matter of legend!


Richmond Ward Members are Inviting!, Which led to a Very Successful Luau, by Elders Paul Heinzen (and Jacob Roberts)

                “The Richmond Ward Luau was a huge success! We had originally planned to take all non-members who came to the luau on a tour, but we had too many people come (a wonderful problem to have). Instead, we took everyone to the Chapel (it was jam packed, every seat full) and Bishop Travis Wolsey gave the message of the Restoration. There were so many non-members, and we met many new Chinese people.  The Richmond Ward members, especially the Chinese members, are doing an amazing job of fellowshipping. We had a baptism this week in which a couple of members brought their non-member acquaintances. Halfway into the baptism, everyone was given a paper to write down their feelings and thoughts to give to the 8 year old boy being baptized. This is an Excellent missionary approach as it did ‘force’ non-members to pay attention and analyze what they were feeling. It was very successful. The work is going great.”


Hard Work by Full-Time and Member Missionaries Brings Happiness and Success in the Kelowna 2nd Ward, by Elders Jacob Earnest (and Hiram Knapp).                                “Things in the Kelowna 2nd Ward are going fantastically well. We picked up several potential investigators last week, and we shall be getting some additional investigators this week. I love this area! We are going on frequent exchanges now, more than ever, 3 to 4 nights each week! The attendance in Sacrament Meeting in the Kelowna 2nd Ward has gone from an estimated 180 six months ago to over 200 now. We had a baptism on Feb. 16th that went very well; the parents who came from Kamloops seemed to really enjoy it.

                “My personal goal is to be the best missionary I can be—I want to end my mission like a rocket igniting to go into space. I heard a quote which was used by Bishop Eden R. Engen in the Brookswood Ward when I was there, and it is, ‘Set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn.’ You can trust Elder Knapp and me to work hard.”


We are Blessed as Missionaries in Merritt, by Elders Tyler Mather (and James Brown).

                “We are meeting regularly with our 3 progressing investigators here in Merritt. One will be baptized soon and when we extended  invitations to be baptized to our two other progressing investigators they both accepted, which is wonderful! It is so exciting to watch people embrace the restored Gospel and develop a strong testimony.

                “We have also been working with one of our newly called branch missionaries, showing him how to teach the lessons. He had a non-member friend over a couple of times when we were there, and he is going to read the Book of Mormon. There are many great things happening here.”


Thank you for your noble efforts. We love you.


President and Sister Middleton


(Check off weekly whether you have achieved each of the nine goals below.)

q  Ask for a referral name in every conversation with a member or non-member alike… “Will you bring an acquaintance on a Spiritual Tour?”

q  Challenge members to achieve a Spiritual Tour or a Church event which can be coupled with a Spiritual Tour  with their non-member friend at least 3 times yearly.  Help them understand that the best way members can reach this goal is to adopt a Personal Mission Plan by which they issue at least one invitation each week.

q  Our goal is to find at least one new investigator daily, and spend at least one hour daily in focused, effective Personal Finding. 

q  Our goal is to teach 15 or more full lessons weekly, with 50% or more with an investigator present…

q     Our goal is to have at least 50 contacts daily (100-200 per day is possible in most areas in the mission), with the contact goal being prayerfully set for each area by each         companionship.

q  With at least 3 Spiritual Chapel Tours Weekly.

q  Extend at least one baptismal invitation and commitment each week.

q  Remember our mission goal:  a Gospel message to everyone you see.

q  As weekly goals are set for each Key Indicator, pray for inspiration, and set goals that are lofty yet achievable.  Our ultimate long-term goal is for at least 3 baptisms per companionship per transfer.


“Behold my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord; and my heart pondereth continually upon the things which I have seen and heard.”   --2 Nephi 4:16


The Coveted “Off the Hook” Award:

(Week-ending April 13, 2008)


In Recognition of the following:


Baptisms Year to Date

Vernon (10 Baptisms)

Honorable Mention:  Abbotsford (8 Baptisms)


Baptisms this Week:

Vancouver Language (1 Baptism )


Investigators with a Baptismal Date:

Vancouver Language  (7 with Baptismal Dates)

Honorable Mention:  Abbotsford and Van.  (5 baptismal dates each)


Investigators Attending Sacrament Meeting:

Surrey Language (24 Investigators at Sacrament Meeting)


Lessons with member Present

Abbotsford:  (32 lessons)


Other Lessons

Surrey:  (421 Other Lessons Taught)



Surrey and Vancouver  (35 contacts per day average )

Honorable mention:  Victoria (31 contacts per day average)


Progressing Investigators:

Surrey Language (22 Progressing Investigators)

Honorable Mention: Vancouver (19), Surrey (18), Van Lang. (16)


New Investigators:

Surrey: (22 New Investigators)


Full Lessons:

Kelowna (17.5 Average per companionship)

Honorable Mention:  Vernon (17), Surrey Lang. (16.7), Surrey (16.2)

Kelowna Zone:  All companionships over 100 contacts during the week!



Elders Fullmer and Hea:  2 at Sacrament meeting, 2 member present, 125 other, 1 new, 497 Contacts

Elders Terry and Hunsaker:  103 contacts, 21 full, 12 to non-members

Elders Earnest and Peck:  2 at Sacrament, 5 member present, 60 other, 4 progressing, 221 contacts, 16 full, 8 to non-members

Elders Mather and Cheng:  98 other, 2 progressing, 414 contacts, 19 full, 11 to non-members, 2 Tours

Elders Roberts and Bowles: 3 with baptismal date, 6 at Sacrament, 60 other, 7 progressing, 4 new, 335 contacts, 17 full, 16 to non-members

Elders Miles and Banks: 1 with baptismal date, 3 at Sacrament, 6 member present, 32 other, 2 progressing, 5 new, 118 contacts, 16 full

Sisters Dye and Weber:  1 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 120 other, 5 progressing, 7 new, 312 contacts, 24 full, 18 to non-members,

Elders Mun, Gist and Jung:  10 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 38 other, 10 progressing, 2 new, 275 contacts, 18 full, 16 to non-members, 10 Tours

Sisters D’Amours and Falk:  5 at Sacrament, 46 other, 4 progressing, 124 contacts

Elders Johnson and Hatton:  3 progressing, 147 contacts, 15 full


Honorable Mention:

Elders Barton and Copeland:  1 with baptism date, 2 at Sacrament, 19 other, 1 new

Elders Whittenburg and Parson:  1 with baptism date, 2 at Sacrament, 4 progressing, 15 full

Elders Curtis and Wilson:  1 with baptismal date, 8 member present, 15 full, 10 to non-members

Elders Godfrey and Hall:  1 with baptismal date, 3 progressing, 240 contacts, 17 full

Elders Spongberg and Kirby:  1 with baptismal date2 progressing, 14 full

Elders Morrill and Shumway:  1 with baptismal date, 2 at Sacrament, 2 progressing, 13 full, 9 to non-members

Elders Johnson and McAllister:  1 at Sacrament, 5 member present, 135 other, 1 progressing, 2 new, 425 contacts, 19 full, 14 to non-members

Elders Brunt and Feinga:  2 at Sacrament, 7 member present, 3 new, 271 contacts, 19 full, 11 to non-members

Sisters Nibley and Anderson:  3 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 4 progressing, 4 new, 206 contacts,

Elders Curiel and Lassetter:  4 at Sacrament, 5 progressing, 3 new, 130 contacts

Elders Heinzen and Green:  10 at Sacrament, 29 other, 9 progressing, 4 new, 206 contacts, 23 full, 21 to non-members

Elders Thompson and White:  4 at Sacrament, 30 other, 3 progressing, 3 new, 180 contacts

Elders Dietz and Carlisle:  4 at Sacrament, 21 other, 7 progressing

Elders Klekas and Taylor:  4 with baptismal date, 7 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 88 other, 7 progressing, 3 new, 417 contacts, 15 full, 12 to non-members

Elders Leavitt and Seebeck:  116 other, 2 new, 400 contacts, 12 full, 12 to non-members

Sisters van den Bosch and Anderson:  1 baptismal date, 2 at Sacrament, 2 progressing, 14 full, 10 to non-members

Elders Kim and Huh:  4 at Sacrament, 3 progressing, 102 contacts, 13 full, 13 to non-members

Elders Zmoos and Taylor:  3 at Sacrament, 3 progressing, 111 contacts, 15 full, 11 to non-members

Elders Mousseau and Douglas:  2 with baptismal date, 4 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 5 progressing, 2 Tours

Sisters Overlock and Lee:  5 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 33 other, 4 progressing, 124 contacts, 16 full

Elders Barker and Park:  2 at Sacrament, 75 other, 3 new, 181 contacts, 18 full, 9 to non-members



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