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This message was written by President and Sister Middleton.  It also appears in the Vancouver Star, the weekly newsletter of the Vancouver Mission.  It is sent to each companionship throughout the mission.

Canada Vancouver Mission Newsletter                                                                                                                   May 20, 2008

Well Done Ward Activities in Prince George and Burnaby to Which Members Invited


                To help members invite their non-member acquaintances to “come and see,” many wards and branches across our mission are having excellent activities often.  Knowing that the Brethren have urged that each ward and branch aim towards at least one ward-wide activity monthly (information relayed to us by Elder Melvin R. Perkins), the activities being produced are both excellent and creative, and are being planned to be of    very reasonable cost.  A good example is the “One Fold, One Shepherd” production in Prince George on May 2nd, described below:


A Great Inviting Activity in Prince George, by Elders Scott Marianno (and Adam Hassell)            

                “This past week the two wards combined in Prince George to put on an activity entitled ‘One Fold, One Shepherd.’  The activity was designed to allow those not of our faith to take a Tour, guided by ward missionaries, of the building as members of each quorum and auxiliary taught visitors about their programs. During the evening a multimedia production of Christ’s appearance in the New World was presented.  It was designed to bear testimony through video and musical performances that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind, and that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ.  The Fraser Ward Bishop, Frank Penny, and his wife, Shirley Penny, who is the Relief Society President, organized the activity.  Both are very missionary-minded and put much hard work into making sure the activity was a success.  During the presentation a powerful DVD was shown in which Christ’s visit to the New World was enacted.  The DVD was shown in several segments interspersed with songs and hymns sung by the ward choir, and passages from 3rd Nephi relating the events were read by President and Sister Middleton.  At least 6 non-members came, along with many less actives, and every one had a very spiritual evening.

                “Our testimony meeting on Sunday was filled with comments about how the activity impacted both members and non-members alike in helping them to feel the love of their Savior.  The activity was a huge success, and provided members with opportunities to invite their non-member friends.  Both wards have goals to help members to invite weekly, and the Nechako Ward members were able to put more stars on their ‘Invite Board’ (inspired by the Campbell River Temple board).  We are grateful for the wonderful effort of Bishop and Sister Penny and the others who assisted in the activity.  They are inspired, dedicated examples of member missionarries and the Prince George saints are working to invite their friends weekly!”


A Great Wah Yan Ward Activity for Mother’s Day, by Elders Austin Bowles (and Jacob Roberts and Samuel Porter)

                “We had a Mother’s Day dinner and program at the Wah Yan Ward the night before Mother’s Day, and members did a good job of getting their friends there.  Our ward mission leader, Brother David Chan, organized it magnificently, and geared it toward investigators invited by the members.  The dress was ‘semi formal,’ and the ward youth plus our missionaries served as waiters.   Most of the people there in fact were non-members.  Members were in the minority.  Though finding it difficult for the full-time missionaries to dialogue with the investigators during the dinner, we’re expecting that as we deliver the pictures that were taken we can find those that want to learn more.  Also, there were comment sheets at each table, so we expect we can use those too.  It was a hugely successful activity!  After Church the next day we had a baptism, and that made Mother’s Day even more special!”    

Editors Note:  A well-done monthly ward or branch activity can not only serve as an event to which every member can invite their non-member acquaintances, but it serves all ward or branch members to allow them to get to know each other, and it develops unity and pride in membership among the saints.  The monthly activity should be sufficiently well done that all members can expect their non-member invitees to have a positive experience, and it doesn’t need to be overly elaborate or expensive.  It works!


Making District Meeting Fun as well as Instructive, by Elders Jacob Earnest (and Stanley Peck)

                “Our Kelowna District is doing well.  All companionships are getting along great.  Something fun we have been doing after our District Meetings is ‘themed lunches.’  So far we have had Italian, Medieval, Asian, and this week’s will be a Native American theme since we have an 8 pound buffalo roast that a part member couple gave us.”


Committing Families to Invite Works in Mission, by Elders Andrew Johnson (and William Hatton)

                “We have been using Elder Bednar’s talk at Conference to teach our members how to invite.  We start with talking about the importance and power of prayer and then ask them if they saw Elder Bednar’s talk.  We then refer to what he said, that ‘the missionaries are the full-time teachers and you and I are the full-time finders.’  After that we extend two commitments:  l.  Pray for their own missionary opportunities, and 2.  Ask someone to a Church related event (it’s their choice who they invite and what they invite them to).  We then let them know that we will give them anything they need.

                “We shared this lesson with a family and the next day we got a call from them stating that they did it and that the lady they invited said that she wants her 8 year old son baptized!  The members were so happy with this experience that I know they will keep doing it.”


                Thank you for working hard, working smart, and working with “anxious engagement.”  We love you.


President and Sister Middleton


(Check off weekly whether you have achieved each of the nine goals below.)

q Ask for a referral name in every conversation with a member or non-member alike… “Will you bring an acquaintance on a Spiritual Tour?”

q Challenge members to achieve a Spiritual Tour or a Church event which can be coupled with a Spiritual Tour  with their non-member friend at least 3 times yearly.  Help them understand that the best way members can reach this goal is to adopt a Personal Mission Plan by which they issue at least one invitation each week.

q Our goal is to find at least one new investigator daily, and spend at least one hour daily in focused, effective Personal Finding. 

q Our goal is to teach 15 or more full lessons weekly, with 50% or more with an investigator present…

q     Our goal is to have at least 50 contacts daily (100-200 per day is possible in most areas in the mission), with the contact goal being prayerfully set for         each area by each companionship.

q With at least 3 Spiritual Chapel Tours Weekly.

q Extend at least one baptismal invitation and commitment each week.

q Remember our mission goal:  a Gospel message to everyone you see.

q As weekly goals are set for each Key Indicator, pray for inspiration, and set goals that are lofty yet achievable.  Our ultimate long-term goal is for at least 3 baptisms per companionship per transfer.


 “Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith.” -- D & C 88:118


The Coveted “Off the Hook” Award:

(Week-ending May18, 2008)

In Recognition of the following:


Baptisms Year to Date

Abbotsford: (15 Baptisms)


Baptisms this Week:

Abbotsford Language : (3 Baptisms)


Investigators with a Baptismal Date:

Prince George  (with 6 Baptismal Dates )


Investigators Attending Sacrament Meeting:

 Surrey Language, Kelowna, and Victoria: (all companionships had investigators at Sacrament Meeting)

Vancouver Language: (23 at Sacrament Meeting)


Other Lesson:

Vancouver: (277 other lessons)


Lessons with member Present

Surrey,  Surrey Language, Vernon, Kelowna and Victoria Zones (every companionship gave lesson (s) with a member present)

Abbotsford:  (21 lessons)

Honorable Mention:  Surrey (19 lessons)



Surrey Language: (30.9 contacts per day average)


Progressing Investigators:

Victoria, Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Surrey, Surrey Language, Vernon, Kelowna:  (all companionships had progressing investigators)

 Abbotsford: (17 Progressing Investigators )

Honorable Mention:  Vancouver Language (16 Progressing Investigators)


New Investigators

Vancouver Language: (8 New Investigators)

Honorable Mention:  Abbotsford (6 New Investigators), Surrey (5 New Investigators)


Full Lessons

Kelowna (16 Full Lessons)



Elders Johnson and Johnson:  3 baptized, 5 progressing, 15 full

Sisters Falk and Nibley:  2 with baptismal date, 3 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 38 other, 3 progressing, 17 full, 12 to non-members

Sisters Anderson and Weber:  3 at Sacrament, 6 member present, 6 progressing, 4 new, 16 full, 10 to non-members

Elders Mun and Jung:  2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 63 other, 2 progressing, 2 new, 367 contacts

Elders Banks and Nelson:  2 with baptismal date, 1 at Sacrament, 1 member present, 22other, 2 progressing, 104 contacts

Elders Terry and Berger:  1 at Sacrament, 1 member present, 1 progressing, 1 new, 123 contacts, 21 full, 14 to non-members

Sisters Overlock and Lee: 5 at Sacrament, 7 member present, 30 other, 4 progressing, 110 contacts, 15 full, 8 to non-members

Elders Hunsaker and Seebeck:  2 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 2 progressing, 230 contacts, 13 full

Elders Mather and Cheng:   117 other, 312 contacts, 15 full, 8 to non-members

Elders Bowles and Porter:  1 with baptismal date, 13 at Sacrament, 2 member present, 39 other, 7 progressing,

Elders Barker and Park:  1 with baptismal date, 5 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 30 other, 3 progressing, 3 new


Honorable Mention:

Sisters Dalling and Chevalier:  2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 3 progressing, 22 full

Elders Fullmer and Binks:  1 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 29 other, 1 progressing, 197 contacts

Elders Shaw and Cooper:  2 with baptismal date, 3 at Sacrament, 5 member present, 2 progressing,

Elders Kim and Huh:  3 at Sacrament, 4 progressing, 1 new, 100 contacts, 22 full, 20 to non-members

Elders Smith and Fajardo:  6 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 3 progressing, 5 new, 14 full, 12 to non-members

Elders Hea and Gist:  37 other, 180 contacts

Elders Seitz and Peck: 2 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 4 progressing, 18 full, 

Sisters Caribou and Wu: 2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 28 other, 4 progressing, 119 contacts, 16 full, 11 to non-members

Elders Dietz and Carlisle:  4 with baptismal date, 2 member present, 7 progressing,

Elders McDowell and Magnusson:  79 contacts, 13 full

Elders McAllister and Hatton:  3 member present, 110 contacts, 13 full, 9 to non-members

Elders Brunt and Feinga:  5 member present, 2 at Sacrament, 1 progressing, 22 full

Elders Heinzen and Green:  9 at Sacrament, 1 member present, 6 progressing, 187 contacts, 20 full, 19 to non-members

Elders Thompson and White:  5 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 16 full, 12 to non-members

Elders Pack and Bingham:  2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 1 progressing

Elders Marcum and Hall:  2 member present, 120 contacts,

Elders Whittenburg and Foster:  27 other, 2 progressing, 110 contacts, 15 full

Elders Gonzalez and Sudweeks:  1 with baptismal date, 2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 22 other, 2 progressing,  




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