Vancouver Mission Star

This message was written by President and Sister Middleton.  It also appears in the Vancouver Star, the weekly newsletter of the Vancouver Mission.  It is sent to each companionship throughout the mission.

Canada Vancouver Mission Newsletter                                                                                                                  June 10 2008

“I Would Run From House to House”


                Sister Camilla van den Bosch shared with us one of her favorite quotes about the intensity level we need to bring to our missionary labors if we would succeed as our Father-in-Heaven would have. Given by President Spencer W. Kimball, we agree with Sister van den Bosch that it should apply to every Canada Vancouver missionary:

                If only you could see the vision as I have. I wish I had your bodies to do this work.  I would run from house to house telling everyone of the Gospel, and after I lost the strength to run I would begin to walk, and after I collapsed from walking I would begin to crawl…and after my knees were so bloody that I could not use them I would use my arms to drag myself, and once everything in my body was gone I would begin to yell. ‘Oh if only you could see the vision that I have.’”

Hard Work Brings Blessings In Salmon Arm, by Elders David Berger (and Aaron Terry)

                “My first few days here in Salmon Arm have been quite the experience for me.  My companion and I get along very, very well, and I’ve found I love missionary work already!  We’ve already come in contact with three people who are interested in the Gospel, Amber, Karen and Michelle.  We took Karen on a Tour of the Church, and she’s already accepted the commitment of baptism!  We found all three through tracting.

                “Just that morning when we found Karen, we had set a goal to achieve one baptism in the area during our transfer period.  The area usually only sees one baptism per year, but we prayed for the Lord’s help.  All I can say is, Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers!  We first met Amber while we were tracting in our area.  Elder Terry decided it was a good idea to try one last house on our street-we knocked and nobody answered.  We knew we needed to talk to somebody there, and we could hear voices in the backyard, so we walked to the back, despite feeling a bit odd wandering into somebody’s backyard.  We found Amber, a young mother with kids.  She wasn’t too interested in hearing about the Church, but agreed to let us help her with some gardening.  While we worked hard, we also began to discuss principles of the Gospel.  We found she was very religious, and she asked many questions.  She seemed particularly interested in the Book of Mormon, so she called her friend Karen over so she too could hear about the Book.  When she arrived, we taught the First Lesson, and offered to take them on a Tour of the Church.  Karen was completely interested, but Amber was still pretty skeptical, despite her saying we were an answer to her prayers by helping her.  So we took Karen on the Tour of the building, showing and teaching her how everything worked.  When we got to the baptismal font, and explained baptism, she immediately said she needed it.  We explained further and asked her to be baptized.  She completely agreed.  It was a very powerful and moving experience that really showed me the sweetness of sharing the Gospel and missionary work.  Michelle was a nice lady we met who agreed to listen to us, but first has to find some time to fit us into her schedule.  We’re really excited to hear from her!

                “Later, while at Church, still another investigator named Denise randomly walked into Church, attended Sacrament Meeting, and wanted to learn more.  We were overjoyed!  The Lord is really blessing us, and we are truly becoming instruments in His hands!  This is a marvelous work and a wonder!  I’m glad I was able to go on a mission!!”


A Member’s Invitation Leads To 5 Baptisms, by Elders William Hatton (and Andrew Johnson)

                “We’ve had an awesome week in Mission.  Elder Andrew Johnson and I were able to baptize a mother and her two oldest daughters, Elizabeth and her daughters Mia and Viviana.  They came from Sudan originally.  Elizabeth and her daughters were shopping one day in Abbotsford when a man approached them.  His name is Samuel Nyuol and he is a recent convert in the Abbotsford Second Ward.  He just walked up to them and started telling them about how much he loved his Church, and that they should come to it.  From that simple invitation they started having the missionaries over.  At the time, she had a relative living with her by the name of Peter Gatluk, and his son Peter was also there.  They too were very receptive towards the lessons. 

                “Peter and Peter moved, but continued meeting with the missionaries and were baptized, and now Elizabeth and her two oldest daughters have also been baptized.  So here is a case of almost instant success, where someone just ‘opening their mouth’ leads to 5 baptisms!”


Service at a Food Bank Brings Blessings; a Baptismal Commitment is Accepted on a Tour, by Elders James Brown (and Bart Szypkowski)

                “This week was great in Merritt.  Elder Szypkowski and I were able to help out the local food bank on Tuesday evening.  They were at a Carnival that had stopped in town for the day and people could bring in non-perishable items and get a discounted price on tickets for all the rides.  There were many people that came and we were able to talk to quite a few.  Naturally, many asked why we were dressed up and wearing name tags but most people in Merritt recognize us and some even stopped to ask how the new chapel is coming along. 

                “We were able to give a Tour of the office Sunday, which is our temporary meeting place until the new Merritt Chapel is completed, to one of our new investigators, Tyrone.     His sister is a recent convert from the Kamloops 1st Ward, and she has been working diligently at trying to introduce the gospel into the lives of her friends and family.  The Tour went well and Tyrone has recently accepted a soft baptismal commitment!  We’ve met with him on three other occasions and feel he is progressing quite nicely.”


The Lord Rewards Diligence, by Elders Paul Heinzen (and Seth Green)

                “Elder Green and I are working hard.  I’m beginning to understand even more how this is the Lord’s work and thus our greatest success will come through His efforts, not ours.  Elder Green and I tried our best this week to always be out; no down time.  This past Sunday we saw the Lord’s hand at work.  Through none of our own efforts two families walked into Church!  We had never seen them before but quickly got acquainted with them.  Another family came as well which we had contacted into earlier this week.  It was an amazing thing to see!  Though one family was through our efforts, 2 others were brought about by the Lord in response to our diligence.  We love the work!”

                Repeatedly we have seen the Lord reward His diligent servants, as described above.  Understand that if each missionary maintains his or her all out work effort, even through those inevitable times of discouragement, the Lord will reward.  We love you!

President and Sister Middleton


(Check off weekly whether you have achieved each of the nine goals below.)

q  Ask for a referral name in every conversation with a member or non-member alike… “Will you bring an acquaintance on a Spiritual Tour?”

q  Challenge members to achieve a Spiritual Tour or a Church event which can be coupled with a Spiritual Tour  with their non-member friend at least 3 times yearly.  Help them understand that the best way members can reach this goal is to adopt a Personal Mission Plan by which they issue at least one invitation each week.

q  Our goal is to find at least one new investigator daily, and spend at least one hour daily in focused, effective Personal Finding. 

q  Our goal is to teach 15 or more full lessons weekly, with 50% or more with an investigator present…

q     Our goal is to have at least 50 contacts daily (100-200 per day is possible in most areas in the mission), with the contact goal being prayerfully set for each area by each         companionship.

q  With at least 3 Spiritual Chapel Tours Weekly.

q  Extend at least one baptismal invitation and commitment each week.

q  Remember our mission goal:  a Gospel message to everyone you see.

q  As weekly goals are set for each Key Indicator, pray for inspiration, and set goals that are lofty yet achievable.  Our ultimate long-term goal is for at least 3 baptisms per companionship per transfer.


“Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”  -- 1 Corinthians 13:7



The Coveted “Off the Hook” Award:

(Week-ending June 8, 2008)

In Recognition of the following:


Baptisms Year to Date

Abbotsford: (16 Baptisms)


Baptisms this Week:

Surrey Language: (2 Baptisms)

Kelowna and Victoria: (1 Baptism each)


Investigators with a Baptismal Date:

Prince George (with 8 Baptismal Dates)


Investigators Attending Sacrament Meeting:

Nanaimo, Surrey, Surrey Language, Prince George, Kelowna and Victoria (all companionships with investigators at Sacrament Meeting)

 Vancouver Language: (39 at Sacrament Meeting)


Lessons with member Present

Nanaimo, Surrey, Prince George, Vernon, Kelowna and Victoria (all companionships had lesson(s) with member present)

Vernon: (17 lessons with member present)



Abbotsford and Vernon: (All companionships over 100 contacts)

Vancouver Language : (41contacts per day average)


Other Lessons Taught

Vancouver:  (275 other lessons)

Honorable Mention:  Abbotsford (271 other lessons) and Surrey (268 other lessons)


Progressing Investigators:

Abbotsford, Surrey, Surrey Language, Kelowna and Victoria (all companionships with progressing investigators)

Vancouver Language: (25 Progressing Investigators)

Honorable Mention: Abbotsford (20 Progressing Investigators) and Surrey (19 Progressing Investigators)


New Investigators

Vancouver Language: (13 New Investigators)

Honorable Mention:  Surrey:  (7 New Investigators)


Total Full Lessons Taught

Surrey: (18 Total full lessons taught average per companionship)



Elders Gonzalez and Sudweeks:  1 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 51 other, 6 progressing

Elders Marcum and Hall:  2 at Sacrament, 39 other, 2 progressing, 175 contacts, 17 full, 13 to non-members, 1 Tour

Elders Brunt and Feinga:  1 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 75 other, 4 progressing, 285 contacts, 19 full, 10 to non-members

Elders Mun and Jung:   2 at Sacrament, 66 other, 2 progressing, 1 new, 246 contacts, 18 full, 14 to non-members

Elders Mather and Cheng:  1 at Sacrament, 1 member present, 100 other, 1 progressing, 250 contacts, 16 full, 12 to non-members

Elders Hea and Gist:  2 at Sacrament, 3 progressing, 5 new, 169 contacts, 28 full, 27 to non-members

Elders Dietz and Carlisle:  5 with baptismal dates, 4 at Sacrament, 6 member present, 27 other, 8 progressing, 1 new

Elders Douglas and Mousseau:  4 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 20 other, 4 progressing, 2 new, 16 full, 9 to non-members

Sisters Overlock and Lee:  4 at Sacrament, 27 other, 3 progressing, 116 contacts, 15 full, 9 to non-members

Elders Fullmer and Binks:  1 with baptismal date, 2 at Sacrament, 2 member present, 42 other, 3 progressing, 363 contacts, 14 full, 11 to non-members


Honorable Mention:

Elders Shaw and Cooper:  1 at Sacrament, 2 member present, 1 progressing, 142 contacts

Elders Barker and Park:  2 with baptismal dates, 5 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 3 progressing

Sisters Dalling and Chevalier: 2 at Sacrament, 1 member present, 3 progressing

Sisters Caribou and Wu:  2 with baptismal date, 3 at Sacrament, 3 progressing, 17 full, 10 to non-members

Elders Seitz and Peck:  3 at Sacarament, 5 progressing, 16 full, 8 to non-members

Elders Walton and Evans: 133 contacts, 16 full, 9 to non-members

Elders Banks and Nelson:  2 at Sacrament, 2 member present, 3 progressing, 4 new, 19 full

Elders Klekas and Taylor: 2 with baptismal date, 3 at Sacrament, 5 member present, 33 other, 6 progressing, 203 contacts, 15 full, 13 to non-members

Elders Hunsaker and Seebeck:  2 member present, 90 other, 230 contacts, 19 full, 17 to non-members

Elders Bowles and Porter:  11 at Sacrament, 49 other, 8 progressing, 2 new, 215 contacts, 15 full, 13 to non-members 

Elders Smith and Fajardo:  10 at Sacrament, 36 other, 5 progressing, 2 new, 15 full, 13 to non-members, 3 Tours

Elders DeHerrera and Tolleson:  16 at Sacrament, 9 progressing, 4 new

Elders Hea and Gist:  47 other, 400 contacts, 2 Tours

Elders McAllister and Hatton:  1 at Sacrament, 2 member present, 35 other, 5 new, 203 contacts, 1 Tour

Sisters Anderson and Weber:  2 at Sacrament, 69 other, 7 progressing, 23 full, 11 to non-members

Sisters van den Bosch and Anderson:  1 at Sacrament, 4 member present, 3 progressing, 30 full, 14 to non-members

Elders Green and Heinzen:  5 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 6 progressing, 193 contacts, 17 full, 15 to non-members, 1 Tour

Elders Knapp and Ramirez:  2 at Sacrament, 3 member present, 46 other, 1 progressing, 2 new, 145 contacts




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