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This message was written by President and Sister Middleton.  It also appears in the Vancouver Star, the weekly newsletter of the Vancouver Mission.  It is sent to each companionship throughout the mission.

Canada Vancouver Mission Newsletter                                                                                                            January 23,2006


We have received the first shipment from the Church of marvelous new pamphlets entitled “The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” “The Plan of Salvation,” and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”. These pamphlets are produced so that each missionary companionship can give one to individuals or families to whom you teach the corresponding lesson. It will be a marvelous resource to us missionaries, we think you will agree.

Accompanying the pamphlets are the following instructions, which we include in their entirety below:

 How to Use the Missionary Pamphlets 

“At the conclusion of each teaching visit, provide the investigator with something to read and ponder in preparation for the next meeting.” ((Preach My Gospel [2004], 190).

Learn to Use the Pamphlets

·                      Read page 190 of Preach My Gospel, and complete the companion study activity.

·                      Complete the first personal study activity on page 193. For each situation, consider how the pamphlets

might be used, and practice using them in the suggested situations.

Help Investigators Understand.  As you teach, use these pamphlets to:

·                      Review the doctrine from the previous lesson.

·                      Show visuals.

·                      Use scripture references and study questions.

·                      Explain unfamiliar terms.

·                      Invite investigators to church.

·                      Remind them of commitments.

·                      Point them to

Other Ideas

·                      Study the pamphlets in preparing for lessons.

·                      Refer to the pamphlets in your language study.

·                      In your planning, consider which pamphlets to use with each person or family you are going to teach.

·                      Use the pamphlets in finding situations.

·                      Have investigators write their commitments in the pamphlet.  (Underlining is ours)

·                      Use the pamphlets when teaching members.

·                     Encourage members to share the pamphlets with their family and friends.

You will notice that the last two pages of the pamphlet need to be filled in by you missionaries, noting thereon the time of Sacrament meeting and the chapel address, and also outlining reading assignments from the Book of Mormon, a baptismal date, and also the time of your next appointment.  You also should list both of your names and your phone number on the pamphlet.

 Use These Pamphlets With Each Investigator

This pamphlet is so extremely well written that no investigator should have any of the first three lessons without leaving the corresponding pamphlet behind, with you taking enough time to briefly explain what the pamphlet is about, and pointing out the assignments and other items you have filled out on the back of the pamphlet. In our view, this pamphlet is truly inspired, and will give us an immense assist in proclaiming the Gospel to the people of British Columbia.

 Use the Restoration Pamphlet with each Tour

            The Tour has proven to be so effective as a non-threatening way to have members introduce their non-member friends to the Church that we trust all our missionaries are continuing to stress it.  All of Elder Kikuchi’s ideas were designed to allow us to give a more effective Tour, and in no way do his ideas supplant the Tour as perhaps the most effective finding tool in BC.  We urge that at the end of each Tour a “Restoration” pamphlet be given.  Use it to commit members to return with a non-member friend, and non-members to commit to read the Book of Mormon, attend Sacrament Meeting, etc.

May the Lord be with all of our missionaries as we strive to find, teach and baptize. We pray that the Lord’s Spirit will increasingly touch the hearts of our marvelous British Columbia members, that they might view it as an important part of their Church membership to bring forth their non-member friends to be taught by us missionaries on a Tour or meet us missionaries in another setting. We love you all and love serving with you in this His great proselyting effort. 

--President and Sister Middleton


For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1: 37


 This recent New Year’s Day, the resolutions were made worldwide by people striving to improve their lives.  Here in the Canada Vancouver Mission we do the same, but with added spiritual ‘umph’.  We are on the Lord’s errand, and we’ve made sacred covenants.  We’ve been reminded of those covenants with this last round of Zone Conferences.  It appears evident to us that we are all living our covenants, and the Lord is responding by blessing us with answers to our prayers to find precious souls.  Thanks for your diligence, and the inspiring success your obedient efforts have produced.  In doing so, you all have become remarkable exemplars and spiritual light to not only us, but to those you serve.  Carry on!

                                                                                                                    --Elders Nemrow and Young


 Elders:  Richard Ashton, Solomon Jensen, Nathan Purser, Devin Ward – all from Utah

Language Elder:  Matt Strum (Alaska) - Korean



Elder Aaron Jensen

“To achieve the impossible, we must first attempt the impossible.”


Elder David Paskett

Bye to my friends.  I love you.  Work hard.  It’s been great, and I’ve learned a lot.


Elder Michael Shaw

“The Lamb of God has . . . performed that for man which man could not accomplish for himself.”  (Wilford Woodruff)  Christ has performed his deed.  Let us do the best to perform ours.

 Elder Charles Yoon

The spirit is quickening in B.C.  First Elder Eyring, then Elder Kikuchi, and now President Hinckley has spoke of this.  There is a calm before the storm, and there will be a great awakening in B.C.  Believe it.  We are a part of something great.  Be the first group to ignite the fire.  I am excited for you new missionaries.  “. . . the gospel [shall] roll forth into the ends of the earth, as a stone which is cut out of the mountains without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole earth.”  D & C 65:2  Go forward in faith.



 Abbotsford:  Bonnie Burton, Carleen Hewitt      Nanaimo:  Gaelyn MacDougall

Prince George:  Charla Brogden, Dallin & Kyle Mountfield, Myshala Wile

Surrey:  Rosemary Behrendt, Darcie Blackall, Josephine Fohn, Sandra Parker, Joshua Wannamaker

Language:  Ji Soo & Sariah Park      Vernon:  Sam Eckstien, Elizabeth Taylor, Pearl Witter

Victoria:  Edward Archibald, Beth Landry




02 – Vancouver/Language   09 – Surrey/Abbotsford   16 – Nanaimo/Victoria   22 – Vernon   24 – Prince George



10 Gospel contacts per day per missionary

outside our usual finding and teaching duties 

We are all praying for at least one baptism per companionship per transfer.

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